How to Take Care of Your Hair after Applying Hair Color and Highlights

How to Take Care of Your Hair after Applying Hair Color and Highlights

 Hair color and highlights make you look authentic and stand out. To keep that blonde hair looking good and healthy, you need to take care of it regularly. If you don’t take care of your tresses, especially when your hair has color and highlights, then that will lead to damage and thinning of the hair. Hair color that has natural oils will last longer as they retain moisture more.

Tips to Keep Your Hair Color and Highlights Looking Glamorous

  • Use Quality conditioners on your hair

When you color and highlight your hair, the hair is likely to become more porous, and that causes it to lose water, and consequently, the hair color will begin to fade off. When you visit the hair salon, ensure that your hair stylist deep conditions your hair with quality products. Conditioning will ensure that your hair retains more moisture and that way you can be blonde for longer. While showering, cover your hair as water will wash away the hair color.

  • Avoid Shampooing your Hair often

Washing your hair with water will wash away the hair color quickly. It’s therefore advisable to shampoo your hair less often. To keep your scalp clean you spray color friendly shampoo to your scalp to clean out grease. During shampoo, days ensure that you don’t use hot water on your hair as this will run down the hair color and highlights. After shampooing the hair, always condition the hair with a conditioner that is color friendly. Ask your hair stylist to use a toning shampooing once in a while, and that will assist the color highlights last longer. Avoid shampoos that have sulfates as they will strip your hair of moisture.

  • Protect your Hair form heat

Excessive temperatures on color highlights will damage your hair. Air dry your hair and if you need to use heat on your hair ensure you apply a heat protector before styling using the heat.

  • Trim your hair ends

Highlighted hair tends to get split ends easily, so it’s important to visit your hair salon regularly for that hair trim.

Other tips to maintain your hair color and highlights for longer

  • Wet your hair before going into the pool. When your hair is already soaked, it won’t absorb the chlorinated water
  • If you are in the sun for long, then consider covering your hair to protect it from the harsh UV rays. Use a UV ray protective spray on your hair if you need to bask.

And a final Note

The highlight you choose will determine how often you will need to reapply the hair color. Balayage hair salon is more efficient and will result in fewer trips to the hair salon as hair grows out evenly as compared to foils. Foils are more structured than balayage, and the hair roots will appear quickly, and you may need to visit the hair salon more often, and that may not be healthy for your hair.

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