Should You Use Dry Shampoo for Your Hair?

Should You Use Dry Shampoo for Your Hair?

We only have about 8 to 12 hours a day to do our daily tasks. From waking up, whipping up breakfast before going to work, just preparing for your everyday routine can already be time-consuming. There are also people who tend to spend more time polishing their looks during the day so they can look presentable when dealing with workmates or clients.

Some people prefer buying beauty products and hair treatments as part of their personal investment. In fact, it has become part of these people’s routines to visit a Brazilian blowout salon for their regular hair fix. Whether they prefer Brazilian keratin straightening or applying for human hair extensions, looking and feeling good can help improve one’s productivity, confidence, and self-esteem.

Looking good in this fast-paced world

We tend to get too busy whether at work or in our other personal endeavors. However, there are also people out there who don’t have the luxury of time for themselves. Everything is rushed – from microwaved or take-out meals to going outdoors with their hair still wet.

Speaking of wet hair, not everyone has hair that still looks good after it has dried up on their way to work. Some of them end up having frizzy or unkempt hair upon arriving at their destination. That is why it can be really a struggle not to take care of your hair for granted just because we are in a rush.

How dry shampoo can be your lifesaver

Not everyone has the luxury of time to visit a Brazilian keratin salon for regular hair treatment. If you still have that extra time for your hair, then good for you. Otherwise, you can try using dry shampoo instead of the usual shampoo you use in the shower.

Just imagine not having to spend 30 minutes to dry and style your hair. With dry shampoo, you can just spray it on your hair and even style it as usual. In fact, astronauts use dry shampoo as part of their daily hygiene routine while they are up in space.

Generally, dry shampoos are safe for all hair types. Dry shampoos are also said to help add volume to your hair. It usually contains starch or alcohol as a major ingredient that helps in removing oil and grease and adds volume to hair at the same time.

Dry shampoos are also a practical option in certain instances. For example, this hair product is a good alternative if there is no shower available in your place of travel. Or if you are hospitalized and need to bathe. Or as mentioned earlier, if you are an astronaut and need to maintain your hair while you’re up in space.

How to use a dry shampoo

Dry shampoo should be used in the right way to achieve the best results. As long as you use the product properly, it can improve your hair’s volume and texture. However, a lot of people still use dry shampoo in the wrong way. It can lead to dandruff and look as if your hair got peppered with some powdery substance.

Do not spray near the scalp.

Experts suggest spraying about 2 to 3 inches from your scalp. Or if you are using a powdered version, sprinkle it near the scalp (but not let it reach your scalp) and rub it on your hair using your fingers.

Spray/sprinkle moderately.

Go easy with that dry shampoo. Make sure not to overspray or sprinkle too much dry shampoo as it can make your hair dull. If you must add more, you should wait a couple of minutes before applying another dose.

Check the color.

It is also important to use the right dry shampoo color according to your natural hair color. If you have blonde hair, you should choose a light-colored shampoo. If you have a darker hair shade, you should choose a dark-colored shampoo as well.

A word of caution

Given the abovementioned benefits of using dry shampoo, it can be easy to replace wet shampooing. Likewise, you might also consider skipping a keratin treatment by a hairstylist. Even if it does wonders on your hair, it is not recommended for long-term use.

At the end of the day, you still need to wash your hair regularly. You also need to visit a keratin treatment salon to make your hair look fresher every time. Visit a reputable salon that offers keratin treatment by a hairstylist in Rockville. Contact one today!

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