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Hair Extensions for Men

Most people think of hair extensions are only meant for women. There are different types of hair extensions – ones that can be clipped, sewn, or glued on your real hair. Hair extensions are either made from natural or synthetic hair. To ensure quality human hair extensions, it is recommended to get them only from a trusted professional hair extensions salon.

Hair extensions have become popular over the years. It was originally catered for women who want to change their look in an instant. Many women have slow-growing hair, making hair styling a challenge. Adding hair extensions can help address this concern and should be only done by trusted salons that do hair extensions.

Different types of hair extensions

Hair extensions can either be made from synthetic or natural hair. They vary on the application method. Among common types of hair extensions include:

Clip-in hair extensions

As the name suggests, these hair extensions are clipped onto your real hair. It is also easy to remove and put it back on when needed. It won’t need any heating or using chemicals to put these extensions, hence guaranteeing 100 percent damage-free application.

Tape-in hair extensions

As its name also suggests, these are pre-taped and glued on your natural hair. Unlike clip in hair extensions, tape-in extensions should be done by a professional. This is because the extensions need to be aligned with your hair roots. It also requires using a heating tool so that the hair extensions will be properly attached.

Sew-in / weave hair extensions

It is applied by braiding your real hair and form it into a cornrow. From here, the hair extensions will be sewn into the cornrows. This is the recommended type of hair extensions for individuals with thicker hair.


Wigs have been around for thousands of years ago. In ancient Egypt, men and women shaved their heads due to the hot climate and prevent lice infestation. To protect their heads against the heat of the sun, they used wigs instead. It has also been used to signify social status and has been an important piece of fashion back then.

Hair extensions for men

Just when you think hair extensions are only for women, you are wrong. In fact, hair extensions are starting to become popular these past few years. Not only women experience hair problems but men as well. Hair extensions can help address hair problems in men such as baldness. At the same time, it also helps in boosting confidence.

According to one report, UK salons saw a staggering increase of 200 percent in the demand for hair extensions for men. A lot of men who sought after hair extensions wanted to improve their hair length and thickness. Also, these men were also inspired by the trendy hairstyles of football superstar David Beckham and former One Direction member Harry Styles.

One London-based hair stylist noticed the demand for micro bond extensions among men. This type of hair extension is applied with real hair while retaining its invisibility to the naked eye. However, not all hair extensions are made equal. There are things men need to consider in choosing the right hair extensions.

How to choose the right hair extensions

First of all, it is important to visit a hair professional doing hair extensions in salon. The hair stylist will recommend one that matches the color of your natural hair. If you are having a hard time finding a hair extension with the right color, you may consider dyeing your hair to match the hair extension.

Meanwhile, there may be no need for color matching if your objective is to add depth to your real hair. Likewise, you can try using a hair extension that is in contrast with your natural hair color. This will create a “highlight” look on your hair. If you are feeling adventurous, you can try brighter-colored hair extensions.

Hair extension care and maintenance

Here are some tips in taking care of your hair extensions:

  • Buy products that cater specially for hair extensions such as brushes, shampoos, conditioners and the like
  • Human hair extensions can be a better choice because it can be less prone to hair tangling. It also requires less amount of maintenance than other hair extension types
  • Make sure to follow the application procedure. Better yet, visit a professional hair extension salon. Find the best salons that do hair extensions in Rockville.

How to Take Care of Your Hair Extensions

Have you ever wondered how Hollywood stars suddenly their hair overnight? A short bob the day before, and then long Balayage hair during an Awards night. You may ask what kind of sorcery is that. The truth is that it’s no sorcery – it’s the “magic” of clip-in hair extensions. If you want to have instant long hair for a special event, you can go to salons that do hair extensions

Why hair extensions?

Hairstyles come and go. One moment long and wavy locks are in, and then pixie haircuts become a big thing the next day. A lot of women invest in making their hair look good at all times, which is why trips to the salon are a normal part of their lives.

Some women grow hair quickly, while some are not as blessed as them. More often than not, long hair can be easier to style than short hair. However, not even tons of hair grower tonics can make hair grow long in just one use. Hence, human hair extensions can be considered one of the greatest inventions of man.

For one, clip-in hair extensions can instantly make your hair longer. Plus, you can style your hair any way you want. Hair extensions can help change your look for that special night or event. If you want to add hair extensions, you can go to your nearest hair extensions salon.

Taking care of your hair extensions

The answer is yes – hair extensions also need regular maintenance. According to experts, clip-ins should be washed for every six to eight times you use them. Wash using sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner, towel dry, and then air dry. Once dry, comb the extensions of any stubborn tangles.

Make sure that the hair extensions are already dry before styling it using curlers or hair straighteners. However, using heat styling tools should not be used on keratin or tape extensions directly. Avoid going to bed while your hair with extensions is still wet.

More importantly, make sure to follow the time frames until when you can only wear the hair extensions. Also, it is important to ensure that the hair extensions do not feel too heavy. Otherwise, it can do damage to your hair and even cause hair fall.

How to choose a hair extension

Choosing the right hair extensions can be easier said than done. For one thing, there are various hair extension types. Here are some tips in choosing the right hair extensions for your hair:

  1. Know your hair extensions.

As mentioned, there are different types of hair extension which are the following:

  • Clip-ins – considered user-friendly and perfect for beginners. It is attached to your real hair and can be removed easily whenever you want.
  • Tape – usually attached to the hair using a special invisible adhesive tape. It normally lasts for eight weeks or about two months.
  • Keratin – it uses a sophisticated procedure to bind with your natural hair. It can last for more than three months. This may be the best option among the three, but it can be heavier on the budget.
  1. Choose the right hair extension depending on your lifestyle.

Experts recommend using keratin extensions if you have an active lifestyle (ex. do Yoga or any kind of exercise regularly). On the other hand, you can choose tape extensions if you like changing hair color frequently. Lastly, clip-ins are more of a practical choice as you can easily remove it anytime you want.

  1. Choose the right hair extension color.

Choosing the right color for your hair extension can make a difference to your overall look. One way to determine the right hair extension is to match it with the ends of your hair (not the hair roots).

  1. Think high-quality over extra savings.

On the one hand, there are a lot of synthetic hair extensions that are more budget-friendly. However, these types of extensions may look unnatural and prone to tangles. On the other hand, human hair extensions blend well with your natural hair. The latter can be expensive but is worth the price as far as quality is concerned.

Experience quality hair extensions near you

There are a lot of hair salons that do hair extensions and other hair care services. If you are planning to get hair extensions, you should only get quality hair extension in salon in Bethesda.

Simple Tips to Help You Maintain Your Hair extension For Long

Hair extension will give you a look you desire and also ease your hair maintenance. It’s therefore essential to invest in a maintenance regimen that will ensure they maintain their appeal for long. Different kinds of hair extension require different maintenance, but all hair extensions require basic maintenance. It’s important to note that extensions don’t have any oils and therefore a good regimen is important. Take care of the extension from day one, as that will make sure the extension retains allure all through

Kinds of hair extensions

  • Human hair extension
  • Synthetic hair extension
  • Clip in hair extension
  • Tape in Hair extension

 How to Keep your extension looking New every Time

  • Keep your extension clean and untangled by taking care of it daily.
  • Its imperative to come up with a daily care procedure for your extension to ensure it remains tangle free. Brush the extension on a regular basis as this will keep it tangle free. Just like a natural, if the extension remains unbrushed it will tangle.
  • Avoid brushing the hair extension when its wet as this weakens the hair strands. Brush the extension gently from the base upwards. Dry the hair extension naturally and then brush it
  • Cover your extension while sleeping.  Don’t sleep in removable hair extensions. It’s Important to cover the extension with headgear as you sleep to avoid tangling. Hold it up to  and make sure  it adequately covered
  • Invest in some quality hair products to make sure you retain the extension look. Avoid too much use of hair products as that will clog and eventually cause tangling.
  • Use a wide-toothed brush to keep the extension from tangling.
  • Avoid heat as much as possible while styling as that reduces the lifespan of your extension.
  • Avoid prolonged exposure to sweat and chlorinated water as this will tangle the hair.
  • Wash your hair extension using the correct method, but don’t over wash it. Ensure you use the proper aftercare for your hair.
  • Ensure you regularly condition and shampoo your hair extension. Use oil-based products in moderation to keep your hair hydrated. Use sulfate free shampoos to avoid the extension from frizzling, make sure that the shampoo hydrates the extension.
  • Clean and detangle the extension before storing it a box with a seal.
  • Visit the hair extension salon for further advice on how best to take care of the weave depending on which extension you are using. Have the hair stylist check your extension often.

It’s important to visit your hair salon and ask your hair salons on how to take care of the kind of extension you are wearing as the above are essential caring tips. The life of your extension depends on how you will take care it. Once you get the proper care tip, then you can be sure you will look like a celebrity for longer.

How To Care For European Human Hair Extensions

European hair extensionsEuropean hair extensions are luxury hair accessories. The European hair extensions are the ideal for girls having thin and damaged hair. These extensions are made from finest virgin hair (i.e. human hair that is not chemically treated before). Each and every strand of European hair extension is pure and healthy. If installed properly, these hair extensions look completely real. Though European hair extensions are expensive, they worth every penny you spend on them.

Caring For the European Hair Extensions

There is no such thing as using European hair extensions for six months without any care or maintenance. When you get these hair extensions, your hair routine is inevitably going to change. You will have to make changes by keeping hair extensions in your mind.

Protect your investment by following below mentioned hair extension care tips:

Use good quality hair brushes

Invest in a quality brush or comb that is easy to use. Brush your hair before sleeping and before washing to make sure that your hair extension does not get tangled. Do not comb wet hair as hair follicles are most vulnerable at that time.

Change hair washing habits

Pay attention over how you are washing your hair. Section off hair and gently apply shampoo into the roots and then gently slide your fingers between the beads. Try to wash your hair as gently as you can. When it comes time to conditioning, slather the tips, but be careful. Try not to coat the hair beads for a long time, as the beads get smooth and can slide out.

Get a few hair styling tools

As European hair extensions give you the luxury hair, you need proper hair styling tools to style your hair. Buy best quality curler or straightener to take full advantage of your extensions.

Find your best hairstyles

When it comes to styling with European hair extensions, you should have at least 3 different hairstyles. Consult with a professional hair stylist regarding hairstyles that not only aggrandize the beauty of your hair extension, but also look good on you. However, with luxurious European hair extensions, you will get endless hair styling options.