Tips on How to Take Care of Your Hair

Tips on How to Take Care of Your Hair

Hair is the crown in every girl’s life and we all want healthy and luscious hair, but more often we find that our hair is damaged by wrong application of human hair extensions, Brazillian keratin straightening treatments and hair color and highlights. In this post, we help you understand how your hair grows and what causes the damage to ensure that you take precaution in your quest to make your tresses long and voluminous

How Does Hair Grow

Hair has inner fibers which make up the medulla, the cortex is what surrounds the medulla and the cuticle protects the inner of the hair. Your hair will grow a quarter inch every month and then part of it will fall out and new hair grows. The length of your hair depends mostly on the growth cycle which is determined by the hair care and the styling tools you use. Too much pressure on the hair either due to tightening of extensions or chemicals means the hair cuticle will be exposed making your hair growth goals to backfire.

How to Keep Your Hair Growing

  • Use of Quality Hair styling tools

It’s important to use styling tools that will protect your hair. Check to see heat tools that you use after Brazilian keratin straightening display the temperature, buy professional hair dryer which has more airflow and power.

  • Know your hair, Understand your hair Type and Style accordingly

It’s important that you understand your kind of hair, and use the correct styling methods. Your hair extensions salon will help identify the kind of extension that suits your hair. If you have thin hair your top rated hair stylist will ensure that you’re the extension you use doesn’t damage your hair. If you choose to straighten your hair ensure that your hair is healthy enough to handle the chemicals and the heating process. Your keratin treatment should be done by a hair stylist who will be able to asses your hair and advice if it will work for your hair.

  • Use Less Heat on your Hair

Heat will cause hair bonds to break and then your hair becomes brittle leading to hair falling out. While using heat on your hair especially during Japanese permanent hair straightening and keratin treatment, ensure that you use a protective coating to protect your hair from damage. If you can avoid using heat on your hair or reduce the amount of time that you use heat on your hair.

  • Research on Techniques Before your application on your hair

Research and understand the hair styling technique that you would love to use on your hair. Ask your hairstylist tips on how to prevent hair loss so that you understand and demystify any myths. Avoid hairstyles that pull your hair as this will cause breakage. It’s important that you understand the care and maintenance of the hairstyle that you choose.

How to Repair Damaged Hair

If your hair feels dry and looks dry, kinky and has splits ends those are signs that the hair is damaged and require a repair regimen

  • Invest in Quality Products

Products that contain oils and moisturizers will help dry, and brittle hair gets back its luster. Hair products with protein will help repair chemically damaged hair and make it look better. Ensure that your conditioners and shampoo are alcohol-free to avoid drying out the hair. Choose your hair extensions wisely to avoid further damage. If your hair is too damaged cut the losses and begin


  • Take a balanced diet

Foods that have vitamin B12, iron and zinc will help revitalize your hair strands. Include green vegetables and protein such as beans, meat, and eggs in your diet. You can also take supplements that will aid in your hair growing.

  • Let a Professional Take Care of your Hair

If you have been trying out do it yourself treatments at home, then its time your top rated stylist takes care of your hair. Our stylist will be able to analyze and asses your hair and advice you on how best to grow your hair longer. Visit your hair salon Potomac and get a scalp massage as this helps improve blood circulation and stimulate hair growth. The slow circular motion will stimulate hair follicles and result in growth.

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