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Hair Extensions for Men

Most people think of hair extensions are only meant for women. There are different types of hair extensions – ones that can be clipped, sewn, or glued on your real hair. Hair extensions are either made from natural or synthetic hair. To ensure quality human hair extensions, it is recommended to get them only from a trusted professional hair extensions salon.

Hair extensions have become popular over the years. It was originally catered for women who want to change their look in an instant. Many women have slow-growing hair, making hair styling a challenge. Adding hair extensions can help address this concern and should be only done by trusted salons that do hair extensions.

Different types of hair extensions

Hair extensions can either be made from synthetic or natural hair. They vary on the application method. Among common types of hair extensions include:

Clip-in hair extensions

As the name suggests, these hair extensions are clipped onto your real hair. It is also easy to remove and put it back on when needed. It won’t need any heating or using chemicals to put these extensions, hence guaranteeing 100 percent damage-free application.

Tape-in hair extensions

As its name also suggests, these are pre-taped and glued on your natural hair. Unlike clip in hair extensions, tape-in extensions should be done by a professional. This is because the extensions need to be aligned with your hair roots. It also requires using a heating tool so that the hair extensions will be properly attached.

Sew-in / weave hair extensions

It is applied by braiding your real hair and form it into a cornrow. From here, the hair extensions will be sewn into the cornrows. This is the recommended type of hair extensions for individuals with thicker hair.


Wigs have been around for thousands of years ago. In ancient Egypt, men and women shaved their heads due to the hot climate and prevent lice infestation. To protect their heads against the heat of the sun, they used wigs instead. It has also been used to signify social status and has been an important piece of fashion back then.

Hair extensions for men

Just when you think hair extensions are only for women, you are wrong. In fact, hair extensions are starting to become popular these past few years. Not only women experience hair problems but men as well. Hair extensions can help address hair problems in men such as baldness. At the same time, it also helps in boosting confidence.

According to one report, UK salons saw a staggering increase of 200 percent in the demand for hair extensions for men. A lot of men who sought after hair extensions wanted to improve their hair length and thickness. Also, these men were also inspired by the trendy hairstyles of football superstar David Beckham and former One Direction member Harry Styles.

One London-based hair stylist noticed the demand for micro bond extensions among men. This type of hair extension is applied with real hair while retaining its invisibility to the naked eye. However, not all hair extensions are made equal. There are things men need to consider in choosing the right hair extensions.

How to choose the right hair extensions

First of all, it is important to visit a hair professional doing hair extensions in salon. The hair stylist will recommend one that matches the color of your natural hair. If you are having a hard time finding a hair extension with the right color, you may consider dyeing your hair to match the hair extension.

Meanwhile, there may be no need for color matching if your objective is to add depth to your real hair. Likewise, you can try using a hair extension that is in contrast with your natural hair color. This will create a “highlight” look on your hair. If you are feeling adventurous, you can try brighter-colored hair extensions.

Hair extension care and maintenance

Here are some tips in taking care of your hair extensions:

  • Buy products that cater specially for hair extensions such as brushes, shampoos, conditioners and the like
  • Human hair extensions can be a better choice because it can be less prone to hair tangling. It also requires less amount of maintenance than other hair extension types
  • Make sure to follow the application procedure. Better yet, visit a professional hair extension salon. Find the best salons that do hair extensions in Rockville.

What You Need To Know Before Having Hair Extensions

A lot of women want to have lush, voluminous hair. As the saying goes, our hair serves as our “crowning glory”. Beautiful hair makes you look blooming and healthy in general. That is why you should take extra care with your pretty locks. You can also experiment with your hair by going to salons that do hair extensions.

This summer, having long, wavy tresses is perfect. If you have shorter hair but would love to try out having beach-wave hair in time for the season, you can try going to a hair extensions salon. A hair extension can instantly solve your long hair problems. Plus, you can style your hair extension any way you want.

But before going ahead for a hair extension, you should carefully consider some factors. For one thing, you should choose the right type of hair extension that will suit your needs. Also, having hair extensions can also cost you some bucks depending on the salon and the type of extensions used.

What is a hair extension?

Hair extensions are a common service in most hair salons. It aims to make your hair look fuller and to instantly add length to your current, natural hair. There are also different types of hair extensions, including human hair extensions and clip in hair extensions among others.

The hair extension commonly used in this process is called hair weave. It is made of either real human hair or artificial material that resembles real hair. Hair extensions are ideal for people who want to add volume to their hair. Likewise, it can also add character to the user without using harmful chemicals to your natural hair.

However, one should be careful when using hair weaves and other types of hair extensions. For one, it can potentially cause hair loss on areas where the hair extension is mostly applied.

Different types of hair extension

There are different types of hair extensions, but all of these fall under three major categories. These are the following:

  1. Temporary hair extensions

These types of hair extensions can be used and easily taken out every day or up to a week. Clip in hair extensions and hair weaves are some examples of temporary hair extensions. These hair extensions are commonly used during special events, and then easily taken off after.

  1. Semi-permanent hair extensions

These types of hair extensions usually last for up to two months. Unlike clip-on extensions, semi-permanent hair extensions are attached to hair using tape. This hair extension also looks natural while attached to your real hair, regardless of the hairstyle you use.

  1. Permanent hair extensions

These types of hair extensions involve attaching strands of hair instead of using clips or tape. Examples of permanent hair extensions include micro-bonds and micro rings. Permanent hair extensions are ideal for those who have slow-growing hair. Likewise, this is also perfect for those who want to have voluminous hair daily.

Synthetic or natural?

Obviously, the logical choice is using natural human hair extension. While it can look nicer on your natural hair, this hair extension material can be more expensive, unlike synthetic ones. However, using this can be more affordable in the long run.

On the other hand, hair extensions made from synthetic hair cannot be heat-styled. It also does not look naturally shiny and may look stiff at a closer look.  As to how much hair extensions cost, it depends on the type of extension you prefer.

For one, permanent extensions are more expensive mostly due to the amount of time it needs to be attached to your hair. Normally, it would take around two to three hours to complete the process. In other words, the huge chunk of the cost may go to labor and the amount of effort needed to accomplish it.

Final tips

Here are other tips you need to remember if you do decide to have hair extensions:

  1. Don’t use temporary hair extensions daily.

These types of hair extensions are not meant to be used daily. Otherwise, it can cause hair loss in that area of your head. If you want to use hair extensions for a long time, consider using permanent ones instead.

  1. Do not use hair extensions if you have a history of hair loss.

Doing so can make your hair loss worse. For one, it can contribute to hair growth delays. Hair extensions are not also recommended for those with fine or thin hair.

  1. Never remove hair extensions on your own.

Make sure to have your hair extensions removed only by the best salons that do hair extensions in Bethseda or elsewhere near you.

Why You Should Wear Tape in Hair Extension During Summer

Summer brings with it dust, dry and hot weather. it’s important to choose the right hair extension for each season. Summer heat and dryness will require a lighter extension that will not result in too much sweat. You will also require using an extension that doesn’t require too much maintenance to give you a chance to enjoy the outdoors without much care. One of the best hair extensions to wear in summer is tape in hair extensions. Hair dreams hair extension are one of the best types of tape in hair extension

Why Tape in Hair Extensions are the Best Hair Accessory in Summer

  • Light in Weight

During summer you will require a hair extension that doesn’t cause you to sweat excessively. Heavy hair extension will cause the release of more water from the hair resulting in the hair losing more moisture and losing its appeal. Tape in hair extensions are light in weight, and that makes them one of the best accessories to wear during the hot season. The lightweight nature will ensure that they don’t pull your hair and cause damage.

  • Natural Look

Tape in hair extension will give you 100% natural look. They are made of 100% human hair which makes it easy to choose one that easily blends with your hair. The tape will seamlessly blend with your hair and will be invisible. They are thin and when on your hair you hardly feel them.

  • Low Maintenance

It’s easy to take care of tape in hair extension as they don’t pull on their own. They grow as your hair grows. They are sweat-proof and will let you enjoy that workout and swim in the beach without tangling, losing colour or changing the texture. It’s vital that they don’t come into contact with alcohol or sulfates products as that will damage the extension.

  • Easy to wear, Durable and Reusable

Tape in hair extensions will last all summer and can be reused three to four times. Tape in hair extensions is easy to wear and only require a little time to fix. Once you remove the hair extension, you add a new tape and use the extension again. Ensure you visit your hair salon for the best fix.

 Tips for taking Care of Tape in Hair Extensions

  • After application wait for two days before washing the extension to ensure the tape holds completely
  • Wash and condition the hair extension regularly as you would your hair. Avoid using shampoos with alcohol and sulfates.
  • Always brush the hair from front to the bottom
  • Don’t use too much heat on the hair extension
  • Visit your hair extensions salon Rockville MD for advice in case any issue arises
  • While removing the extension, oil hair with extra and give it time to break the adhesive. After that removing the hair extension will be easier
  • After removing the hair extension, deep condition your hair to make sure you leave no glue in your hair.

Simple Tips to Help You Maintain Your Hair extension For Long

Hair extension will give you a look you desire and also ease your hair maintenance. It’s therefore essential to invest in a maintenance regimen that will ensure they maintain their appeal for long. Different kinds of hair extension require different maintenance, but all hair extensions require basic maintenance. It’s important to note that extensions don’t have any oils and therefore a good regimen is important. Take care of the extension from day one, as that will make sure the extension retains allure all through

Kinds of hair extensions

  • Human hair extension
  • Synthetic hair extension
  • Clip in hair extension
  • Tape in Hair extension

 How to Keep your extension looking New every Time

  • Keep your extension clean and untangled by taking care of it daily.
  • Its imperative to come up with a daily care procedure for your extension to ensure it remains tangle free. Brush the extension on a regular basis as this will keep it tangle free. Just like a natural, if the extension remains unbrushed it will tangle.
  • Avoid brushing the hair extension when its wet as this weakens the hair strands. Brush the extension gently from the base upwards. Dry the hair extension naturally and then brush it
  • Cover your extension while sleeping.  Don’t sleep in removable hair extensions. It’s Important to cover the extension with headgear as you sleep to avoid tangling. Hold it up to  and make sure  it adequately covered
  • Invest in some quality hair products to make sure you retain the extension look. Avoid too much use of hair products as that will clog and eventually cause tangling.
  • Use a wide-toothed brush to keep the extension from tangling.
  • Avoid heat as much as possible while styling as that reduces the lifespan of your extension.
  • Avoid prolonged exposure to sweat and chlorinated water as this will tangle the hair.
  • Wash your hair extension using the correct method, but don’t over wash it. Ensure you use the proper aftercare for your hair.
  • Ensure you regularly condition and shampoo your hair extension. Use oil-based products in moderation to keep your hair hydrated. Use sulfate free shampoos to avoid the extension from frizzling, make sure that the shampoo hydrates the extension.
  • Clean and detangle the extension before storing it a box with a seal.
  • Visit the hair extension salon for further advice on how best to take care of the weave depending on which extension you are using. Have the hair stylist check your extension often.

It’s important to visit your hair salon and ask your hair salons on how to take care of the kind of extension you are wearing as the above are essential caring tips. The life of your extension depends on how you will take care it. Once you get the proper care tip, then you can be sure you will look like a celebrity for longer.

How to Achieve a Glamorous Look With Clip in Extension

Are you looking for longer, fuller hair hassle free? Clip in hair extensions are easily attached to your hair to give you instant length and the extra oomph you desire. The extension comes in pieces known as wefts, and you can match them to the color of your hair making them appear natural and undetectable. The hair extensions are sturdy, and the clips have silicon to ensure they are secure. The kind of extension to use depends on the color you want to wear and the thickness. The extension is either synthetic or human hair extension.

Why wear the clip in Hair Extension

·         Length

If you are looking for long and thick hair with hustle free, then the extensions will work for you.

·         After a Hair Cut

If you have cut your hair short, and it feels odd, then the hair extension will be ideal. The extension will give your hair time to regrow.

·         Colour

If you are Looking to change the monotonous hair color, then the hair extension will be the perfect solution as they let you experiment with color.

·         Volume

The extension will give you a fuller look in case you are dealing with hair loss

·         Give your hair a break

The extension will give your hair the much-deserved space to regrow and avoid damage to hair

·         Style

Wearing the extension adds an exciting twist to your hair look

·         Hair Accessory

You can use the hair extension as an accessory but make a unique band for your hair.

·         Easy to use

The extension is easy to clip in and use

Factors to consider when choosing the Hair Extension
·         Length

Depending on the style you are looking to achieve choose the right length

·         Shade

Depending on what color you want to shade to achieve, select the shade that conceals your hair perfectly

·         Synthetic or Human Hair Extension

Synthetic hair will not blend easily with your hair, and it’s cheaper while Human hair blends in easily and is more expensive

Tips you Should know when choosing Hair Extensions

Using a darker shade of the extension will give a perfect blend of your hair. Match the extension to the roots of your hair.

Taking Care of the Clip in extension
Shampoo and condition the extension as you would hair. Ensure you follow the extension cleaning guide. After the wash, air dry the extension or use tongs. In case you feel you want to experiment with the color you can dye the extension.

To get the best outcome with the extension visit your hair extension salon Bethesda. The extension experts will guide you on how best to clip the extension to make sure that is well stuck, they will advise you on the best color match.

Learn Exactly How To Wear Clip-In Hair Extensions

clip in hair extensions

Are you regretting after chopping your hair short? Are you tired of taming your frizzy hair? Are you seeking quick solution to make your fine hair look good? Well, if so then you can try clip in hair extensions. Hair extensions can quickly add length and volume to your hair. This hair accessory can totally transform the way your hair look.

Clip-in hair extensions

There are many types of hair extensions. Clip-n hair extensions are one of the most popular types of hair extensions available. These extensions are very easy to wear and remove. Despite of hair length, hair type and hairstyle, you can enjoy clip-in hair extensions. These are the most temporary hair extensions available, which is the major reason behind the increasing popularity of this hair extension type.

Unlike other hair extensions, you can wear clip-in hair extensions on your own. Sometimes, it is a little tricky to completely hide the clips of your extensions. In order to make your hair extensions look good, you need to seamlessly and naturally blend the hair extensions.

How to blend clip-in hair extensions

Create solid base for wefts: In order to attach the wefts with your hair, you need to create a solid base. Make a thick and firm base where you can attach clips. This will let you secure the stability of clips and prevent hair tugging.

Locate safe zone: Find safe zones on your head to clip the hair wefts. These are the areas where clips will not be visible. Usually, safe zones are located within the lines of your eyebrows.

Position your wefts: Positioning of hair wefts depends on the hair. Meddle with the hair wefts and locate what works best for you. You can consult with the hair extension professional to find the best position for your wefts.

Choose your wefts: In order to perfectly blend the hair extensions, you need to purchase the right hair extensions. Match the extensions with your hair type, color and texture. Also, you need to be careful while selecting the number for wefts you want to attach. If you are not able to find the space to attach the wefts, you probably don’t need them.


Primp Tip: Everything You Need to Know About Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are one of the most luxurious hair services offered in the hair salons. This hair accessory provides privilege of adding texture, volume, length, color and chemical-free highlights within a few minutes. There are so many types of hair extension methods. Choosing the right hair extension installation method can be really very overwhelming. However, which hair extension method is apt for you depends on your requirements, lifestyle, budget and hair type.

Types of hair extension methods

Hair extension methods can be classified into four main categories: strand-by-strand attachment, weave-in, clip-in and micro-link hair extensions. Each hair extension method has its own significance. You should learn about the pros and cons of every hair extension method before committing to hair extensions.

Strand-by-strand hair extension installation

Strand by strand hair extension installation is where artificial hair is attached via glue bond to your natural hair. This can be achieved by cold fusion installation or warm fusion installation. Strand by strand installation method is also known as keratin bonding. The glue with which hair is attached contains keratin protein.


+ Suitable for thick hair

+ With proper maintenance, hair extensions can be last up to 6 months


-Strand by strand hair extension installation is a time consuming process

-Extensions are not re-usable

Weave-in hair extension installation

In this hair extension installation method, wefts of hair are weaved with your natural hair. It is temporary hair extension installation method. It is cheaper as compared to keratin bonding, and are mostly available in synthetic hair type.


+ Most suitable for thick hair

+ The hair wefts are re-usable


-You can’t wash your hair extensions

-Provide temporary solution

-Limited hairstyling options

Clip-in hair extension method

Clip-in hair extension is another temporary hair extension installation method, where hair wefts are attached to natural hair via clips. Clip in hair extensions can be an amazing option for girls who are not ready to commit to wearing extensions. This is one of the most popular hair extension option available.


+ Flexibility of taking in and out

+ More versatility


-Cannot be worn for a long time

-Not good for thin and fine hair

How can I get thicker hair without surgery?

hair salonAre you suffering from hair loss? Are you dreaming for thick and long hair? Are you searching for magical hair extension method? Well, if so, then a nonsurgical hair thickening treatment is available for you i.e. hair dream hair extension. This treatment can gift you the kind of hair which you have always dreamed for, and that too without any sort of surgery.

The nonsurgical hair thickening treatments are offered in many reputable hair salons. The certified hairstylists attach 100% genuine human hair to your hair. This treatment can totally transform the way your hair looks.

Why opt for hair dream hair extensions?

Day by day human life is getting hectic, stressed and polluted. This pollution and tension have many adverse effects on the hair health. Once hair fall has started, no matter how much care and supplements you provide it is not possible to revert the hair back to their normal condition. Wearing normal hair extension to hide thin and lifeless hair is not feasible all the time. In such situation hair dream hair extension is the best option available.

Hair dream hair extension is a boon to people who lost their natural hair because of cancer or heredity. The hair dream extensions are made from natural hair and thus they look exactly like real hair. When you are wearing hair dream hair extension, no one will be able to determine that you are wearing fake hair.

Celebrities are not god gifted. What if they flaunt their long, scintillating and voluminous hair publically! They too have thin and damaged hair. It is the power of celebrity hairstylists that provides natural looking tresses to celebrities. Such flawless celebrity hair comes from hair dream hair extension.

Hair thickening services

The nonsurgical hair thickening treatment you can provide you the arrant quality of hair that is permanently attached to your hair. If you choose the reputable hair salon for nonsurgical hair thickening services or hair dream hair extension installation, you can find variety of hair choices. Yes, you will get freedom of choosing your own hair. It means you can opt from black, brown, blonde or red hair color of your dreams.